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HAGames China Winner

HAGames China awarded 88,888 RMB to the winning team on Sunday at Shanghai Jiao Tong University – Congratulations to the “Magic Language” team from Zhejiang University and China Art Academy College.

me preseting 88,888 RMB cash to Magic Language Team

This was HAGamesChina’s first competition – building off more than 10 years of success in the USA.  The Liemandt family foundation Charity sponsors HAGames in the USA and HAGamesChina.  The Liemandt Family Foundation is a Charity focused on creating games that can cause breakthroughs in teaching children.

the teams and judges

HA Games China in 2010 – started our contest back in May2010 with 46 teams from 18 Universities in China building a “virtual world” where children from across the globe come to play and have fun in a way where the children TEACH EACH OTHER their language and culture.  On Sunday 19 September 2010, the four top finalist teams came to present to a panel of judges their creations.  The other judges and I were very impressed.  Judges included:

  • me (Steve Bell) – Managing General Partner Trilogy Ventures China and Administrator HAGames China Charity
  • Rick Goodman – Co-Founder CTO 8DWorld – expert in games and online education
  • Luo Jian – Game Creator -BlackMMO at Lezi.com – expert in games
  • Kevin Chen – COO and Co-Founder iTalki – expert in online education

getting 88,888 RMB

The winning team built a virtual world called “Good Play” where children from different countries play simple games with each other.  As part of the game – pictures show on the screen and children try to pick the right word in their opponents language.  Their opponent can help the child learn the word and gets points for teaching and for learning.  The judges and I believe this virtual world and the first games can be used as designed.  HAGamesChina plans to open-source release the software and operate the virtual world – free to play in the months ahead.

runner up team from Beida

Finalist team from Shanghai Jiao Tong University doing demo

The other three finalist teams, one from Beida, one from SJTU, and one from Zhejiang U also did great work and deserve congratulations in making it to the finals.  For example – the runner up team from Beida built “Magic World” where children playing from different countries did battle with one another using words as their weapons – very great idea.

finalist team from Zhejiang U

Rick getting a translation from Wu Lubin – Lubin ran the contest.

In 2011, HAGames China will announce our new contest – we plan another big prize!   2011′s contest will focus on building on the “GoodPlay” world that won this year.

All the pics from the event are here:  http://media.trilogyvc.com/HAGames/

I want to “shout out” a special thanks to Haiwei Li, Xiao-qing Zhang and the great team at Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s College of Continuing Education for donating the meeting room and supporting our charity.   Also special thanks to Niu Qian at 163.com for attending our event.






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